Sustainability and design

Sustainability means combining economic performance with ecological responsibility and social justice – in particular for future generations. The term is quite new, but the idea is old – and at the same time of increasing importance for all of us. We as designers contribute to sustainability by taking responsibility for our activities, our services and the resulting products.

Our economic, ecological and social knowledge puts us in a position and obliges us to design communication, products and services in a sustainable manner from conception to realization. The decisive factor here is the attitude with which we act.

Dimensions of sustainable design

Designers have a significant impact on the way our world is shaped. To design means to shape, it gives orientation and it connects people. Therefore, designers have a great responsibility in their work: Design must sign itself accountable for the sustainable use of natural resources, the environment it shapes for people and the connections and possibilities it creates for generations to come.

We understand sustainable design as part of our DNA. However, the achievement of sustainable goals is supported by the continuous improvement of existing products and processes.

Goals of sustainable design

Sustainable design considers:

● material efficiency and material-appropriate application
● energy efficiency
● low emissions and waste-reducing production
● recycling and waste management
● application-oriented production
● social responsibility
● economic efficiency

Moreover, sustainable design takes into account the working and living conditions – in particular to avoid the use of health-threatening materials – of all people along the entire design and production process and supports the preservation of natural habitats.

Our commitment

The preservation of mother nature and the welfare of the global community is close to our hearts. Therefore, we as designers, commit fully to the responsibility that lies in all areas of design. Our commitment includes in particular our constant striving to improve the positive benefits of design for people and to share them in the interest of all.